May Photo A Day Challenge!

So I have a confession:
I have attempted to take part in the "photo a day challenges" for the past two months now...and have failed MISERABLY.

For starters, I cheated.
Back in March, before Android had Instagram, I tried to take part in the photo a day challenge.
I guess there are no requirements saying you HAVE to post pictures via Instagram. But I think it's kinda the point, right? So, I was a fraud that month. PLUS, I kept messing up the days and I quit about half way through. Like I said. Major FAIL!

And this past month, well I still couldn't get over my personal embarrassment, I didn't get Instagram on my phone until about half way through the month, and I have been super duper extremely busy. So I told myself I would hop on the train in May. So here I am, letting all of you lovely readers know that I will be participating in the "photo a day challenge" for the month of May!
So get on over to my Instagram and keep up with my awesome edited pictures :)
I'll also try and make a weekly post for the challenge on the blog too!

To kick start the month, I'll share day number one with you, and some other lovely images that I have taken lately on Instagram as well :)

DAY #1
Reading God's word gives me hope, encouragement, and complete PEACE

Gorgeous Lilacs I found on my walk yesterday :)

Hiking through Flandreau Park with my roomie. Such a gorgeous view!


The lovely MLC campus in Spring :)

This is what I will be thinking every morning until the semester is over!

Happy Tuesday! :)