Memorial Day Weekend:: In Pictures :)

My Memorial Day weekend was spent with Josh and his family, and it could not have been more fun! He has an adorable niece and nephew who I love dearly, and one amazing family to spend time with! 

So no more words, I'll let my Instagram pictures do the talking :)

I finished reading this fabulous book by Kelle Hampton on the car ride.
(Book review coming later this week!)

Josh's niece, Hannah :)


Josh's little nephew, Levi :)

Not as many smiles after he was tired out from swimming!

Josh preached again this weekend! So proud :)

Uncle Josh and Levi :)

Playing dolls with Hannah :)

And of course. What would the weekend be without delicious food!?


God blessed us with a wonderful weekend full of freedom, family, food, and gorgeous weather to enjoy it all :)

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Much love,