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As you can see by my pages above, I have a list of 12 goals that I want to complete in 2012.
I wanted to give you all a little update! Maybe this will interest you in the least, BUT this blog is written by me, and I want to share to keep myself in-check and accountable! :)
Maybe by reading you can get some inspiration for goals that you have too!

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{My friend Tia and I always send these pictures to one another. This one cracks me up!}

I've realized that not only do I want to have yearly goals, but to keep myself focused, I'm going to have monthly goals as well!
I got this idea from Jessica who blogs over at "Before I Do's"
She has a link-up going on each month for bloggers to share their monthly goals, and then let people know how the previous months goals went!

So here's a little update on my 12 in 2012 goals::

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1. Read more {5 books this summer}
I'm definitely on the road to reading more :) As a busy college student, it's hard for me to find time to read for enjoyment. Luckily, I just started a blogging book club! And I'm definitely digging into scripture more often these days. The bible is the best book around ladies! I'd say this goal is coming along!

2. Be more consistent in my devotion time
On the right track! I try to get in a small devotion once or twice a day. I think this summer I'm going to try and find a really good women's devotion book!

3. Re-visit and study bible stories
I wanted this goal because I think it will benefit me in my future as a Lutheran School Teacher. I think this will start being accomplished once I get going with goal #4 below!

4. Read the entire Bible
I've been studying certain sections of the bible. But I kinda wanna start from the beginning and read on through. This goal has kinda been a fail, but will hopefully get started soon!

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5. Get down to my goal weight by June. Maintain that weight the rest of the year, and beyond!
This is a frustrating one. I will definitely not make my goal weight by June. I had a rough couple weeks when it came to healthy eating and exercise. I'm now back on track and hopefully I can reach my goal this summer! :)

6. Continue to blog and inspire people
CHECK! This is definitely happening :) I love all of the support and love I have been receiving by my followers. This little blog continues to grow, and I could not be more thankful!

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7. Get a 3.5 or better in school this semester
I'm not really sure what all of my grades are at the moment...I'm crossing my fingers that I reach this goal! If I do, I receive free money from the school for tuition next year!! I'm pretty sure my grades are lookin' good, but I better check up on that one!

8. Run more
Check! Continuing on with my 10k training plan!

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9. Don't buy any clothes until August
Hmmmm, I'm debating taking this one off. The reason I had it was because I didn't want to frivolously spend money on clothes I didn't need. But this summer I know I will need to by 1. running shoes 2. dress pants 3. I know there are other things! But after I get these necessities. I am definitely sticking to it!

10. Do/make the things I've pinned on Pinterest
This one has been a small success! I have now made two different recipes from my food board on Pinterest. I'm hoping this summer I will be able to do more crafty things and try out more recipes :)

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11. Pass all of my MTLE tests {state license tests to be able to teach!}
I'll find out my scores in the next couple of weeks! Hopefully I will be able to complete this goal soon :)

12. Stay in better touch with my friends at home when I am away at school
Well I guess we'll have to ask them...but I've definitely been talking to my friend Tia on a regular basis! I'm excited to be home for the summer and be able to see more people more often!

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This months goals::
1. Stick with my 10k training program
2. Be able to run 6 miles
3. Finish out the school year strong and get a 3.5 GPA
4. Limit myself to 1 dessert during the week and 1 on the weekend
5. Be 5 pounds down by the end of the month
6. Get more sleep!
7. Blog more about my faith and the wonderful Savior I have
8. Complete the "photo-a-day" challenge!
9. Finish a book
10. Continue daily devotions/reading scripture

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There you have it! My monthly goals for May!
What goals do you have for this month?
If you feel like sharing, head on over to Jessica's blog and link-up! :)