A week of teaching...the little things.

I've been mentioning all week how I have been observing in a 1st and 2nd grade classroom. It is a part of my education, and a step in becoming a teacher in 2 short years! I was so excited to be in the classroom, and my experience far exceeded my expectations. God blessed my time teaching his little lambs. It was definitely the little things that made my experience so fabulous :)

It truly is the little things...

A sweet letter, and prayer I received from a student on my very first day. This little girl gave me the simplest, misspelled, but all together lovely and "made my day" kind of letter.

I inspire to have child like faith. A simple reminder; we are all a "child of God."

 I'm from Wisconsin. They're from Illinois. They obviously new I would love this sticker!

The 24 letters and drawings I received from the students :)

Some of my favorite letters :)

This little girl is 8...she can draw wayyyy better than I ever will!

I guess I ROCK! ;)

Like I said...the little things.