A "Me" Weekend

The weekend is over, and it is time to start another week!
I don't know about you, but I'm kinda excited for this week to start. 
Here's why:

1. Come the weekend I'm going home and Josh is coming as well :)
2. After this week, only 4 more days until Easter break!
3. I start my 10k training tomorrow! {more about that in tomorrow's post!}
4. And I'm thankful that God has blessed me with another week!

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!
Psalm 118:24

Here's a little recap of my weekend. 
If it was your weekend, you might have thought it was very uneventful and boring, but for me I was loving it! Most of my friends either went out of town for the weekend or were working, so I had a "me" weekend :) It was so relaxing and just what I needed!


I painted my nails :) I found the idea for my nails via Pinterest obviously!
{OPI colors}
Nails: Pedal Faster Suzi!
Toesies: Dutch Tulips

The weather was gorgeous! It was this way pretty much all weekend actually :)

Post workout snack: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and...well, an apple {I like my apples!}

 I own every single season of Gilmore Girls, and I've seen every single episode {guilty pleasure} I haven't seen any episodes in forever, so I got reacquainted with the HILARIOUS Lorelai Gilmore once again :)

So Friday night, my friend Maddy and I went rollerblading. I was all excited about it until I put on those roller-blades. My confidence vastly dropped as I was very clumsy and uncoordinated! Rollerblading is wayyyy harder than it looks!
Not to mention. Our campus is on top of a hill. To get ANYWHERE in town you must go down some form of slope. Needless to say, I walked on the grass the whole way down.
Maddy thought she was all tough and would be able to blade down the hill {picture below of her attempting} VERY shortly after that picture she was on the grass with me...
Confession: I took a big digger into that grass {thankfully not the cement} The thing about falling is it doesn't necessarily hurt your body, but your EGO is severely damaged. You look like a big doof flailing around as you fall to the ground...
All in all, it was pretty fun. And I got a Dairy Queen blizzard afterwards, so it made the falling all worth it :)


I got up somewhat early and got in a good workout, and then headed to work until about 3. When I got back I did laundry and enjoyed a late afternoon nap :)
The rest of the night was spent putting in some homework hours! It felt good to get some done so I didn't have to be loaded down on Sunday.

My glasses make feel studious while studying


A day full of homework!
Oh, the life of a college student.
Also, pretty sure I listened to this song 50 times

I usually don't like "radio songs" and I'm sure this song will get on my nerves in a couple weeks. But for right now, I really like it :)

Enjoy the start of your new week! Thank God for it when you get the chance :)