Life's Little Joys.

God has blessed me with the end of another week!
I only have a week and a half left until my Easter Break. A long weekend with my family sounds pretty great right about now!
I hope you all enjoyed your week and took a moment to appreciate all of "life's little joys."
Here are a few things that made me stop and smile :)

My Folgers Coffee sure makes waking up a little more bearable :)
It truly is "the best part of waking up" haha

The buds on the trees and the green grass are wonderful! They make the campus look so pretty and alive!

An encouraging letter from my roommate :)

The collage above my desk reminds me of all the lovely people in my life

Our cute Easter decals on the window :)

 They're about 4 months old...but I still appreciate the "1 year" flowers from Josh that I dried. Just a reminder of how great he is :)

Oh Spotify, how I love you. You make my days a little brighter and my study sessions a little less boring. I especially enjoy my "country playlist"

I always wanted to be like the Disney Princesses whose dreams came true :)

 Dear rain, I love you

 An adorable house in the neighborhood.

Happy Weekend!! I hope it's a fantastic one for you :)

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