Throwback Thursday {NYC}

I just ran across this fabulous blog by Monica: Monica's Notebook
And she has such a fun link-up called "Throwback Thursday"
So let's "throw it back," shall we? :)

I'm swallowing my pride, and going back 5 years to my Freshman year of High School.
This was the most awkward year of my life; looks wise.
I think the braces will do most of the explanation...

My Best friend Tia and I...we go back. Pretty sure this was still in Wisconsin on our way there. For some reason we all thought these weird spring headbands were cool?!

The City

Hannah and I

 The Lady herself!

Right below the Statue

The butt of the Wall Street Bull statue

A New York hot dog!

Like I said...the awkward years. Not my best picture ever; but since I'm trying to give you a taste of my awkwardness! ;) Here's Hannah and I riding the Subway

Times Square!

"Yuh Dun"
It was our theme phrase, haha

I so badly want to go back to New York City! I feel like there are so many more things I could see and do. And obviously I would love to go and not have to be "chaperoned!"
I hope you enjoyed "throwing back" with me, and hopefully getting a laugh out of my awkwardness. It's okay, I'm okay with you laughing ;)
Happy Thursday! Almost done with the week!