Link-up Love.

I love being able to link-up to different blogs, different days of the week. Sometimes, in a week that is rather un-inspirational, it's convenient to link-up with another blogger and use what fabulous theme or idea they have! Linking-up is a fantastic way to get your blog out there, and find others blogs that are fantastic! I love link-up parties, and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites too :)

This is definitely one of my favorite Monday link-ups! Heather, over at "Finding Beauty in the Ordinary", is such a lovely and inspiring woman! Her posts are very uplifting, and since she has a few years on me, I feel like I learn a lot from her! I usually do a post about my faith, positive and inspiring thoughts, something I believe in, or something that is just on my heart that day. I am so inspired by the other posts that are linked up. It's a great way to start the blog week :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Another wonderful blogger, and link-up party. Carissa, over at "lowercase letters" I love this link-up because of what it is..."MISCELLANY!" Anything and everything goes ladies :)

bits of splendor monday
It's what it says. The blog:: "Bits of Splendor" is awesome; and this link-up allows you to put on display all the little bits of splendor in your life. A craft you made? Pictures of the beautiful people in your life? A recipe you cooked? What inspires you? You name it; if it's splendor to you, you should go link it up! :)


I usually stay independent and "link-up free" on Tuesdays...but I just came across this link up from "Call Me Blessed" It's all about posts full of encouragement, positivity, and inspiration in your life. I'll definitely be linking up with this one soon!


I cannot RAVE enough about this link-up! Of course, it's all about displaying some of your favorite pins of the week! Like every other woman in the world, I am in love with Pinterest and I love showing of my pins with Michelle over at "The Vintage Apple" Wednesdays are definitely my fav blog days due to this link-up :)

I use this link-up because most of my pins are all over the place! Sometimes I'll make a post with pins that are the same, but sometimes they're "whatever, whenever! "Rolled up Pretty" is an awesome blog, go check it out :)

I LOVE Pinterest, therefore I have to link up with "This Kind of Love". love being able to show off anything else that has captured my heart during the week as well :)


Its Ok Thursdays
It's always nice to tell yourself, "It's okay." Especially towards the end of the week, you're about to give up on everything and "check-out" early. Hop on over to Amber's blog, "Brunch With Amber" and share with everyone what's okay that you did or didn't do during the week :)

Elf House Chronicles
Have a thought you want to get off your chest? Link-up with Manda at "Elf House Chronicles" and be a part of "Thought for Thursdays" :)

Challenge.365:: a challenge or pledge to read the entire bible in a year. This is one of my top 12 goals for 2012, so what better way to keep up with it than to join the link-up party?! You can find out more about this challenge HERE. This link-up happens the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month!


Oh man, do I love this link-up!! If you have a Polyvore account, then this link-up is for you! Often "Long Distance Loving" has themes for each "Friday Fancy." It's so fun making outfits, and seeing the other fabulous outfits other bloggers come up with!

Hello Hue Little Things
Life is all about the "little things." And I am a firm believer in it. I love sharing all of the little things that made my life so very blessed and beautiful throughout the week. Linking up with Hello Hue for it's the little things" is a fabulous idea :)

I hope you enjoyed my favorite link-ups. I hope to see you on one of them soon!! :)