Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I wake up early in the morning when I could sleep in.

Always: I lay on the couch and end up taking a two hour morning nap!

Sometimes: I watch Gilmore Girls on TV at 10 in the morning; even though I own every single season and have season every single episode

Always: Lorelai makes me laugh and I dream of living in Stars Hollow and being friends with Rory. 


Sometimes: I tell myself, "you don't need coffee this morning."

Always: I end up making some anyways. {love my coffee}


Sometimes: I'm scared about the future and having to become more independent and take care of myself.

Always: I remember that God tells me that if he takes care of the flowers in the field and the birds in the sky; surely he will take care of me and all my needs. He loves me that much!

Sometimes: I get caught up in checking how many followers I have, or how many comments or page views I've gotten on my blog.

Always: I realize that my reasons truly aren't to gain followers, but to use blogging as my outlet and read awesome and inspiring posts from other bloggers. 

Sometimes: When I come home for a break or a weekend I tend to overcrowd my schedule trying to see everyone.

Always: I end up not seeing the people I said I would, or not spending enough time with my family. 

I love my mom and dad. I really need to spend some more time with them!

Sometimes: I try to think nice thoughts about Courtney Robertson {from "The Bachelor"}

Always: I can't help but to think bad things about someone who is so cold and evil! Come on, who doesn't believe in forgiving people?! She's just a bad person. Have fun with her Ben!! :)