Heart-felt Letters and Nail Polish.

Happy Friday, loves!
I couldn't pick between one or the other...
So I'm linking up for "Friday Letters" AND "The Nail Files"

 I am beyond pumped for this weekend because I'm getting off campus and out of Minnesota and heading back to the magnificent land of cheese, beer, and frozen tundra.
I can't wait to go home, see my family, and spend some needed time with Josh! Hopefully there will be picture taking and I can fill you in on my weekend :)
And also! I am doing my vlog for "girl behind the blog" over the weekend, so hopefully it is up on Sunday at the latest! I am so excited for you guys to hear me in person! So make sure you stay tuned to check it out :)

My mom texted me earlier yesterday and told me that my grandma was in the hospital. Two days ago she had gone in to get her esophagus checked out because there were some ulcers present. After the out-patient procedure she had been feeling very weak, light headed, and had coughed up some blood. She was then admitted back into the hospital and had to have a blood infusion because her blood count was very low. Her blood counts are now up and she was able to go home this afternoon, although still feeling very week {The woman only weighs about 100lbs to begin with!}. Please keep my sweet grandma in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully this all passes and she is able to regain her health and strength!

Well let's get started on this letter shall we? We shall :)

Dear blog followers: I can't believe there are already 54 of you! I get excited every time the number goes up! It's great to know you have a following and that people like what you have to write. I feel like God continues to bless me through this blog, and all of you who support by reading and commenting. Thank you so much! :)
Dear New Ulm, MN: So long! See ya later! Adios! No hard feelings, but I am excited to leave you and go home. Don't worry, I'll be back Monday...
Dear God: Continue to draw me nearer to you. I desire to come to you more, and be immersed in your word more than I do. Please strengthen me in my quest to live a life for you. If it is your will, heal my grandma from her sickness and give her the faith to trust you even in times of sickness.
Dear Sophomore Year: You have been a tough one to get through. How about you have a little pitty on me these last couple months. What do ya say?! :)
Dear Annie {my dog}: I can't wait to snuggle with you, give you kisses {even though Josh hates that!}, and have you sleep in my bed with me! Love you poo poo butt!
Dear Weekend: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, go by slow. Please? :)
Dear Monday: On account of Arbor Day {the whole school cleaning up the campus for Spring} I am not supposed to have any classes. I would love it if it didn't rain so I don't have to worry about homework this weekend!
Dear Josh: I can't wait to spend the weekend with you! Three weeks is too long without seeing you! Oh, and by the way, I have a surprise for you on Saturday. Let's just say I'm going to blow you away and win you over even more with my domestic skillz :) {yes, I just spelled that with a z!}

Anything on your heart that you would like to put into a "blog letter?" 
If so, head on over and link up with Ashley!

In other news, I've been inspired to paint my nails these days, so I had to show them off to you in this link-up with Tara!
So last Friday I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be pretty easy to try!
Peach nails with silver stripe accent
Here's my rendition. My stripes were a little darker and more sparkly. But I loved how it turned out! I received a lot of compliments :) And of course I used OPI nail polish! The pink color is called, "Pedal Faster Suzi!" and the silver is Nicole by OPI called, "Nicole's Nickel."

Here's how I painted my nails last night! It's a color that I borrowed from one of my friends. This coral color looked so cute and springy on her fingers that I had to put it on mine! :)
So I love this color, and thankfully they turned out pretty well due to my amazing nail painting skillz! {there's the z again...;)}But I have to say that there is a reason why I am an "OPI brat." This Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish is super thick and it was hard to apply smoothly. It could be because it wasn't new...but either way, I usually have fun painting my nails, but this was not fun! It might redeem itself if it stays on for a long time!

I hope you all have a fabulous and blessed weekend. If God gives you rest, take advantage and remember to thank him. If he's given you a busy "go go go non-stop" kinda weekend, remember to thank him for those things you are having to do as well; they are blessings from him :)


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