Fashion Fever.

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So you know those days when you go into clothing stores and you just don't find anything, or nothing looks good? Well, I almost wish that was my experience, but it wasn't. I went and got my hair trimmed at the mall and then decided to stop into my two fav stores, Gap and Express. I have an intense love for each. Today was one of those days that everything I laid my eyes on  I FELL IN LOVE WITH. And almost everything looked just as great on. I was so excited about this! It's usually a very rare occasion.
I think this has something to do with not shopping, let alone even paroosing in ages! I definitely took my shopping angst out on the Gap clearance section today. I found some amazing steals, and I couldn't help myself. 
I have now officially broken goal #9 in my 12 in 2012 goal list {don't buy any clothes until August 2012}.

Here are my buys from the Gap!

This sweater. It was $15!! :)

This adorable yellow button up....$20!!

And the most amazing deal of them all....these pants, $4!!! I almost died when I saw the price tag. How could I not take these home with me?

Due to my "fashion fever" here are some fantastic fashion pins for you lovely ladies :)

Love rose gold!

On a music note...
I'm loving these two songs lately::

Paradise {Coldplay}

Mexico {The Staves}

Happy Wednesday loves :)