"The Girl Behind The Blog"

I am so excited about this!
I am linking up with 5ohwifey and The Hollie Rogue for
"The Girl Behind The Blog"
This is my first ever VLOG, and I must say I wasn't really that nervous! It was so much fun, and those 4 minutes went by WAY too quickly. I will definitely be "vloging" again in the near future :)

The theme for this VLOG is what you have been learning this year.
We all learn so much everyday. We continue to grow in knowledge and experiences, in life, and we grow as people because of this.
God has been teaching me A LOT this year, so I hope you enjoy hearing my actual voice as I talk about all that I am learning. Enjoy! :)

{And of course, since it's my first time ever making a video, the picture has to be silly! And also, don't mind me fumbling to stop the video at the end, haha}

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! :)