A Weekend In Pictures

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I learned this weekend that it's great to just stay in town {no traveling}, relax, get some homework done, and spend some quality time with my roomie! I hope you all were able to appreciate your weekend as much as I did. So here's a little look into my weekend through pictures :)


"Flash Back Night"

My roommate and I decided to have a "Flash Back Night" on Friday. We wanted to chill out in our dorm room and watch movies; so we picked up some Mary-Kate and Ashley flicks, Kool-Aid Jammers, and Honey Comb: All things that reminded us of our child-hood's :)

We always pretended that the Kool-Aid caps were retainers...did anyone else do this? ha :)

"Passport to Paris" most definitely my FAVORITE Mary-Kate and Ashley Movie! Watching this brought back the memories of how much I idolized those girls and wanted to be them! haha, too funny :)


"Lunch and a Movie!"

I saw, "The Vow" :)

Overall, I did like this movie :) {the picture above is one of my favorite moments}. I wouldn't say that it was my all-time favorite, it was kind of slow moving, and I don't think they showed enough scenes of them being IN LOVE! But all in all, I enjoyed it :) I am a sucker for a romantic movie...especially with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum {HOT!}

Olive Garden!

Before the movie, my roommate Linda, and my friend Maddy and I enjoyed "soup, salad, and breadsticks" at Olive Garden...my favorite! :)

Saturday night was full of relaxing and getting ahead on some work!

I enjoyed some of my favorite ice creams at dinner: Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake! Yummm :)

I work as a PCA {Personal Care Assistant} for a young boy who has Down Syndrome. I have to do in-service worksheets for the job...sucky! Apparently I have to know about Schizophrenia for my job?!

I finished 3 out of the 9 in-service worksheets! {they take a while...} so I enjoyed some late-night Ramen after I was done :)
The wonderful and healthy diet of a college student, huh?! ;)

My weekend was WONDERFUL...but there was a "pit" in it. So, that "it's all good" mug in the picture above. I LOVE IT. Considering there are pictures of it being used in my previous posts. Well, I was washing it out this morning and on my way back to my room, I tragically dropped it! :(:( I loved this mug! It was so big, held soup, coffee, candy, and reminded me that my life was "all good." I'll miss this mug dearly. Time to look for a replacement...

What is left of my mug :(

Besides my tragic loss, my weekend was fantastic! I hope my week is as fantastic; It's my last one until Spring Break, which starts on FRIDAY!! :) I'll be a busy girl this week, but I'll keep up with my posts! Look for a new Monday post tomorrow on:: "Living in the Present." God has given us so many blessing NOW. Let's remember to enjoy the ones we have and stop dwelling on what's in our future! It's in God's hands. More on that tomorrow :)