Changes && Inspiration

Well hey there readers! Can I just remind you that there is only a small number of you {28 to be exact}, but I love you all and appreciate the support and comments :) I follow almost every one of you as well and I just love all of your blogs! I love blogging so far and I hope that my blog can continue to grow into something I love even more and what others enjoy as well!

So, on a similar note, I have been making some small changes around the blog. First of all: 

It's located in the right side bar and you can grab the code there :) It's my first ever button, so I was really excited when I figured out how to make it! Let me tell was definitely a bit of a struggle at first. I kept messing up the code, so the actual button wouldn't show up, then I put two "http://" in the code so it didn't properly link back to my blog, but FINALLY I managed to get it right! I used this tutorial from {Shabby Blogs}. I definitely recommend this tutorial if you are a first time button maker. Even though I struggled a little bit {a little technologically challenged sometimes} it is one of the easiest tutorials that I had found! So if you're looking to a make a button for yourself, visit this one!
I also got a "Twitter Button!" I'm maybe even more excited about this button than I am my actual button! It's located right below my blog button so you can get to my twitter account there! I am increasingly becoming more found of twitter as the days go on. It's a great way to stay connected with other bloggers and stay up on their posts. I love how easy it is to communicate directly with people on there! I'll admit, I used to be a "twitter hater" and didn't understand the point of it. It's basically a constant "status" update, and I was never one to post a bunch of status' on FB. But now that I have a blog, and more of my friends are getting twitter, I have converted and falling in LOVE! :)

Just a disclaimer for this next week: I will probably me experimenting with new ways to make my blog if the layout is looking a little wacky or things just seem kind of odd, it's just me failing technologically again! I'm really excited about where my blog is going, and I want to keep adding things to it! :) There will probably be labels added to the top of my blog this week; but not a whole lot of posts in them. Hopefully by next week I'll be able to  add to them more! Like I said I'm super excited about where my blog is going, and I hope you are excited to and enjoy reading and viewing :)

Right now I am enjoying a lazy Sunday morning at Josh's parents house :) We went to church last night so I slept in this morning and enjoyed a cup of coffee and indulged in those {horrible for you} hostess type mini cakes; just like zebra cakes but the heart shaped ones! Love them, and haven't had them since my 3rd grade lunch!
Today will be awesome because Josh's older sister and her husband will be coming this afternoon! We'll be enjoying a steak and salmon for dinner tonight. It's going to be SOOOO GOOD! I can't wait!
Tomorrow I am going to start my week long EFE {Early Field Experience}. For all of you who don't know, I am studying Elementary Education, and over Spring Break we go into a classroom for a week for teaching experience. I am SUPER excited to start tomorrow :) I will be in a 1st and 2nd grade classroom {they are combined} and my teacher has a ton of teaching experience and great accreditation. People just rave about her and her teaching, so I am really eager to learn from her!

Now to share with you all some of my inspiration for my exciting week ahead::

Teaching outfit? Love these long accordion skirts!

Such a simple and classy teaching outfit.

DEFINITELY trying out this bun sometime this week. So classy and elegant. 

Dear Lord, please clothe me in strength and dignity; and most importantly, clothe me in you and your saving word.
Crazy how true this is... 

Haha, I remember listening to this song! The words are so true!

If it is God's plan for me to be a teacher, he will bless me with the qualities it takes to be one! 

I'm addicted. I'm such a teacher.
Have a wonderful week bloggy friends :)