Links I'm Lovin'

There are a bunch of links {inspiring, interesting, thought provoking, cool} that I would love to share with you all :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! I'm super excited because I get to see Josh tomorrow!! He will be in New Ulm for the weekend, and I couldn't be more excited! I'll have to post a weekend blog sometime early next week. The thing I'm most excited about...

I've just seen there adds for a three course meal. I told Josh that are plan should be for one of us to order the three course meal, and the other to order endless soup salad and breadsticks and we could share everything! Maybe even a "Lady and the Tramp moment?" haha, well we will see, all I know is those breadsticks are calling my name!

Now on with the links!

So this video was shown to me tonight while I was volunteering at the "Teen Center" in New Ulm's local WELS church. It brings up a lot of interesting points and things to think about when it comes to religion vs. believing in Jesus. Even though this man is a pastor in the Missouri synod, he says some GREAT things that I can definitely agree with. Plus...he really puts this other guy in his place! CHECK IT OUT!!!

This is the devotion I read today...and it really struck a cord with me: WELS daily devotion {WELS Daily Devotion}

It's so, so easy to go to church, confess your sins, feel rejuvenated by the hymns, and made alive by the message of the pastor. But when you walk away do you live out your life the way you did in church? Maybe this devotion will help you think about that. I loved this one :)

Bon Iver {"bone-ee-vare"} is definitely one of my favorite artists right now! He is from Eau Claire, WI. My hometown! He just did a concert at the university, and i swear every single one of my friends status' on facebook were, "Bon Iver Concert!!!" or, "Bone Iver=best concert ever!" or something along those lines. I hope you enjoy this song by him. His music is a little eclectic, but totally chill, relaxing, and perfect for study music :)

And last, but CERTAINLY not least....I must share with you some of my favorite pins this week :)

I used this as my "warm-up" workout yesterday before hitting the treadmill!

I am obsessed with these nails! Way too adorable :)

I am a huge culprit of planning my future and getting ahead of myself. I must remember that God is in control! LIVE IN THE PRESENT!!! <3

At the very ripe age of 20, I'm still going through this realization...{reminder to self: Jesus will always be your real friend}

Love always,