If I Ruled The World...........

At least three or four times a day something happens that makes me seriously hope that there are a lot of people out there, which before they go to bed at night, seriously thank someone or something that I’m not in charge around here.  From witnessing complete and utter stupidity, to being surrounded, and or the direct target of ridiculous ignorance, I would barely make it through half a day without someone being banished to exile, if given the power to do so.  Which got me to thinking, what if I was in charge?  What if I ran shit?  What would I do, and how would I do it?  So I brainstormed a bit, and came up with five things I would change or implement immediately in hopes of making this world a much better place to live.  I was going to do ten, but this leaves the door open for the Peoples Blogger to do another peoples sequel, and we all know how well that turned out last time.  The emphasis here will be placed on greater good overall and a better running society with direct reflection on social acceptance and unity as a whole.  Stupidity will be punished accordingly, and lack of production will directly result in lack of compensation.  Here now is what I would do, and how I would do it, in no particular order.

Population Density and Racism
Its 2012 here people and we can’t get along yet?  And for the record, once and for all, I’m going to say it. Get over it.  Whatever your background is, and whatever whom ever did to you whenever the fuck they did it.  Seriously, get over it.  I’m sick and tired of it being someone’s crutch to lean on whenever things don’t go their way.  Let me let you in on something, it’s been so god damn long since slavery, the holocaust, revolutions, and so on and so forth, that there is maybe 1-2 percent of the people in the world, IF THAT, that were even around, or have any association with, directly or indirectly, any of that stuff.  That 1 or 2 percent can speak up whenever they feel like it, but no one else.  And another thing, I didn’t do shit to anyone, so I really don’t need to hear about it from anybody.  The truth of the matter is, the person who calls racism the fastest and loudest, is in fact and all actuality, the racist, because they don’t have the ability to see the situation for what it probably is, just some idiot doing some dumb idiot shit.  The only thing they can see is ethnical background and or colour, and in using that information they deem what went down, how and why, which by definition is racism isn’t it? So, when I drive by a kid of diverse background in the pouring rain, because he decided to jump out of the darkness at the very last second and I didn’t want to slam on the brakes and put half the bus through the windshield, don’t go saying anything about his colour and me being a racist, that would in all actuality, make you the racist.  Racist!  So, here’s the first thing I’m going to do.  I’m jumbling everyone up, and salt and peppering everyone everywhere, and know what? That’s where you’re staying so learn to live with it.  I’m spreading you out too.  No more whites are over here, blacks are over there, pink green and blue in the middle, and yellow around the rim.  Everyone, everywhere.  It may sound bad at first, but picture this, your outside relaxing and your neighbor is annoying the hell out of you, well, now you can walk over to him and say whatever the hell you want to him, without worrying about upsetting any apple carts… That sounds good, doesn't it?    One nation undivided!

Punishment and Education

While I’m spreading everyone out, I’m going to leave Greenland completely empty.  This is the new world’s jail. We are going to cut it in two parts, the first part is going to be about one third of the country, and that is going to be for smaller crimes.  Petty crimes if you will, misdemeanors. Theft, minor violence, minor property damage, etc. etc.  And no, public urination doesn’t constitute a trip to Greenland (stupid Federales), basically anything that annoys or upsets society in a minor way.  Minimum sentence, two years, nothing less than that.  No parole and no getting out early at all.  Fuck up in my world, you pay.  The larger part of Greenland will be reserved for major crimes like rape and murder, etc. etc.  Anything that causes long lasting and irreversible damage to society and its people.  Minimum sentence there, 10 years, but here’s the thing, if you go away to the bigger part of Greenland, you’re probably not going to come back.  I’m not a huge fan of rehabilitation, so you do the math on that, but you definitely don’t want to go to the big part of Greenland.  It won’t take long before people start respecting each other and each other’s shit with incentive like that now will it?
And in my world, everyone gets an education, no one will be allowed to drop out, or else the small part of Greenland you go.  And to be fair, you can take as long as you want to get through school if you’re having difficulty and have to repeat a year or two, that’s not punishable, but you will learn eventually.  Everyone will receive the same education as well, but the classes will be structured a little differently.  For instance some of the mandatory classes taught to everyone in my world would be; Logic and Understanding 101; Respect and Manners 101; Basic Speech and Communication 101; How Not To Be An Over Sensitive Wussy 101; and Ethics and Self Respect 101, 102, and 103.  Oh, and one more thing, everyone will speak the same language. It will probably be English, but I don’t know yet, I’ll make that decision at game time.   One nation, one language….Undivided…..

Compensation Based on Completion and Output
Everyone will work if they want to eat.  I’ll find a job for you, or make one up if I have to, but assistance is out the window.  I don’t care about your back, or your foot or your blah blah blah, you want to eat? I’ll find you something you can do, and you’ll be paid for it.  If you really don’t want to work, that’s your call, but you’re not getting any help from my government, and you will eventually get hungry, and you will eventually do something stupid.  The only question remaining would be, are you going to get yourself sent to the big part of Greenland, or the small part?  And as far as pay goes, I’m going to need a little bit of time to work on that, but I can assure you this much, there will be none of these ridiculous discrepancies in salary.  It will be fair and realistic right across the board.  Now obviously, if you’re doing something more important in society you’ll be compensated slightly better, but none of this million dollar a year shit, while someone else is making ten dollars an hour, that’s just got anarchy written all over it.  So, the doctors, the nurses, police, scientists, bus drivers, and sexy lawyers from San Francisco will make a little more than the guy selling oranges on the corner, but not much, and everyone will have enough to live comfortably.  Taxes will be realistic and reasonable, and you will see how every tax dollar is broken down and spent right down to the penny.  For the record, I won’t even be drawing a salary off your taxes, I’ll be running the world in my spare time, and still driving my bus 40 hours a week.  Although I’m not sure who is going to continue this blog, seeing as though I won’t have a lot of spare time left over……….ahhhh,  you know I’ll make the time for it, who’s kidding who here???   One nation, of working class people……Undivided

In every sense of the word politics will change forever.  Gone are all the ‘isms and ‘ocracies.  We are going back to the Roman days, where there is one man, Me, and on my deathbed I will name a successor, whom on his death bed will name a successor,  and so on and so forth.  Why are we doing it like the Romans did? That’s not the question you should be asking.  The question should be, how long did the Roman Empire stand at the top of civilization for?  A very long fucking time, that’s how long.  And why? Because it was for the betterment of the people.  Now, say what you will about communism, fascism, and anything else, but look no further than our beloved democracy to see corruption in its purest form, right W.? And we as Canadians are no better than our terribly mislead neighbors to the south either.  Why just recently Stephen Harper had the guts to call an early election so his conservatives could gain a majority government, on the basis of a “motion of non-confidence” (whatever the hell that means), when I’m pretty sure we as Canadians voted for a minority government for the duration of the term.  Right there in my eyes, democracy went right out the window, and that’s the main reason I’ll never vote again.  I have motions of non-confidence in shit every day,  that doesn’t mean I get to spend millions upon millions of tax payers’ dollars to get what I want does it?  One man in charge, one nation, undivided……..

Let’s do a quick exercise together, I need one person from each religion to stand up, just one person, from each religion. Good, everyone is represented, everyone here, and ready? Here it is.  You guys do all know that you’re praying to the same thing right?  I mean sure, He goes by different names, and He speaks different languages, His work and process deviates slightly, and His descendants births and deaths, or for that matter even existences may be sketchy and slightly different, but you do realize it’s all the same message right? Love, understanding, faith, heaven and hell even if by other names etc. etc.  Basically do right, and be good people, or else. Same message in every book.  Then how the fuck do you read that, put the book down, and go out and fight some other religion for hundreds of years based on what you just read?  Does that really make sense to anybody? Seriously, what’s blocking the information from your eyes to your brain, because I know you read your book, shit, some of you can probably recite it back to me from memory?  But clearly you’re misunderstanding something.  Do I have to add interpretation 101 to my education systems curriculum? Because I’ll do it if I have to.  And I’m not even going to start on whether or not your Deity exists, that’s your business, and if you choose to believe, I’ll stand by you on that, because I encourage anything that has to do with people trying to be better people, and that’s what faith and believing is supposed to be about.  But in all honesty, you warring religions are primarily what has brought this world to its damn knees.  I’m going to tell you a real quick story.  When I was about 10 years old, the school handed out bibles to the kids.  This of course was back when you were actually allowed to do shit like that, and I took the bible home and I asked my mom, “mom, what’s this?” and she sat me down on the couch with the bible, and she looked me in the eyes, and she told  me “when you are old enough, and have acquired enough information, you will make this decision on your own, and neither me nor the school or anyone else for that matter should influence that”.  Keep in mind; this was a 26 year old girl, talking to her fatherless 10 year old son.  If we could figure this shit out between us, in a five minute talk, seriously, what the fuck is taking everyone else so long to figure it out.  So based on the immortal wisdom of my very young mom, here’s what we are going to do here.  In my world, you are allowed to both believe in and pray to whomever your heart desires.  You can go to church on Friday, you can go on Sunday, hell, you can go on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm if you want, assuming your work is done for the day of course.  Meet up, hold hands, dance, read, sing, cheer, clap, play Ouija, do whatever you want to do, just have you a good old time.  But leave it there.  Don’t go running up and down the streets screaming out about anyone else’s beliefs, don’t go getting on my bus and starting fights because your God is better than someone else’s God, and definitely don’t go around shoving it down anyone’s throats. In fact, I’m pretty sure in each one of those books it says, and I’m paraphrasing, to spread the word but don’t push the word.  It’s supposed to be a personal and private decision someone will make on their own time, and of their own will, and it’s for the betterment of social society and the greater good of my/our new world that we keep it that.  Different beliefs maybe, but one nation, undivided………….