Fancy Little Things

Since I am so extremely excited that my week is over, I'm double linking up with "It's the little things." AND "Friday Fancies"

If I could hop on a plane and "jet set" anywhere right now, I would without a doubt choose Africa! I know so many people who have been over there in the past couple years and they have fallen in love with the continent. The experiences they had, the lovely people they met, and the beauty of this continent that they enjoyed makes me want to go SO bad. When over there, I would love to do mission work, or volunteer in any way that I could. I love people, forming relationships, helping them, teaching them, and learning from them, that's why I want to be a teacher! Hopefully I will have the opportunity to spread God's word, impact the people of Africa, and be impacted by them as well. Take me away please!! :)

Of course, I would have to have some great outfits to wear! So here's what I imagine a couple perfect outfits consisting of :)

African Safari

I'm also linking up with "its the little things." There were so many little things during my week that made me smile and brought a little happiness to my day. Especially all of the Valentines treats that I received. I definitely satisfied my sweet tooth on Tuesday, and I was feelin' the love from a lot of people :) 

1. The Valentine's Day card I received from my grandparents {they are so precious, love them}
2. Coffee and a Cookie for breakfast...enough said
3. A valentine from my friend, Maggie
4. The Valentine package from my mom {OPI!!! AND MY FAVORITE LINDT CHOCOLATE!}
5. The gorgeous soft snow fall that New Ulm received on Wednesday
6. Eating M&M's with my roommate while watching the Bachelor {it really was "all good"}
7. Bubble wrap from my package! Oh the joys of popping it :)
8. My roommate's Valentines nails, so adorable!
9. and finally, I love having fresh flowers in my room :)

Okay, Okay, one more thing!!! I found this on Pinterest last night, and I thought it gave some of the greatest "little things" in life:

Yay for Friday! Happy weekend loves :)

Aisle to Aloha