Be Still and know that I'M with you.

God truly does work in mysterious ways. Sometimes the mysteries he performs make us happy. He allows us to pass a test that we were convinced we were going to fail, He gives us the career that we were dreaming of that seemed so out of reach, He leads us to the perfect man to love that we thought only existed in the movies, or He allows us to start families of our own even when we are told by doctors we never could. 

God truly does work in mysterious ways. Sometimes the mysteries he performs cause sadness in our lives. He sends an illness to us or a loved one that threatens their life and time with us, He allows people who we cared about to hurt and leave us, He doesn't give us what we desire the most and we find ourselves discontent with the life we are living, or we find ourselves drifting from God and not living out our faith everyday.

God truly does work in mysterious ways. Some of these mysteries, in our sinful minds, are good for us and some bad for us. But in all of the good and bad mysteries that comes into our lives, God is using these for our good. Even through all of these ups and downs we must always be content and comforted by the fact that "God works for the good of those who love him," God is always with us; God will never leave us.
"Be still and know that I'm with you." "Be still, and know that I am God."
Our God is not an earthly God, he is not the psychiatrist we sit on the couch and talk to, or the shoulder of a friend that we cry on; He is our all powerful, all-knowing, and ever present God that works in his mysterious ways for our own good. We take our prayers and anxieties to him, because he is the powerful God that can help us through it all. He is always with us, He is always forgiving us, and He is always working in his all powerful and mysterious ways for our own good.
So God tells us. Be still. Don't become anxious, scared, or doubtful. I AM with you.

There have been a few instances in the past week that made me think about God and the mysterious ways in which we works. Sometimes I get caught up in the negative in my life, that I forget to praise and thank God for the blessings that he has given me. Earlier this week one of my professors told us about a young woman named Ruth Weber. Her and her husband are living in Mankato, MN, where he is studying to be a Lutheran pastor. She is a 23 year old woman who has been married to her husband for about a 1 1/2 years and they were about 7 months along in their first pregnancy; what a blessing! However, Ruth was diagnosed with a threatening stomach cancer and was told she would have to have an emergency C-section to deliver her baby so that she could start chemo-therapy right away. The C-section was successful, mother and baby were fine, and God was with them and guided the doctors hands to keep both of his children safe. So far, her baby boy is in Rochester and progressing positively, and she is undergoing cancer treatments up in the Twin Cities. Please keep this woman, her child, and her family in your prayers. You can find her foundation website {HERE

This may not seem like a cup 1/2 full post, BUT it's only half empty if you look at it like that! God works in mysterious ways; and He is working in mysterious ways with Ruth and her family right now. Because of Ruth's story, I realize the blessings that God has given me when it comes to my health and the health of my loved ones. Even when I have a cold or I'm not feeling well, I did not do well on a test, I feel sluggish and out of shape, or I just have an over-all bad day, I know that my day could be much worse and that God has filled my cup up half FULL with blessings :)