I Will Fall For A Boy Who Wll...

I am just lovin' linkin! :) I came across this on {Breanna's blog}, I loved her post about her Christ centered love for her boyfriend; it was just so dang cute! So thank you Breanna for inspiring me, and thanks Manda at {elf house chronicles} for this "valentine's day-loveydovey" link up! :)

I am quite young {a ripe age of 20}, but I do know that I have found the man that God has in his plans for me. Josh is the love of my life, and I thank God everyday for blessing me with someone like him. God is good! But before Josh, I didn't always pick the right kind of guys. Of course I was young and in high school and the selection wasn't that great, but sometimes I feel could have been more wise in my decision making when it came to my relationships. My faith in Jesus as my Savior has always been a huge part of my life. Whenever I thought about the qualities I was looking for in a man, I thought: he has to be cute, funny, out-going, smart, and of course have a strong faith in his Savior.

Well all praise and thanks to God, he led me to Josh, who possesses all of those qualities and then some! The image above summarizes our relationship perfectly, and what Josh has professed to me on various occasions, "I love you Rachel, more than anything in this world. But there is someone that I love more, and that's my Savior Jesus." Those words spoken by him have given me more chills than any fantastic kiss, hug, or sweet saying coming out of his mouth. Our relationship is solely based on God. First, we must have a love for our Savior, then we can have a love for one another.

Josh, I love the way you kiss me on my forehead; the way you give me the best advice when I'm upset; the way you tuck the hair behind my ears; the way you aren't afraid, and constantly remind me how much you love me; the way you hold my face when you kiss me; the way you can be yourself; the way my goofiness rubs off on you; the way you talk freely and easily with others; the way you are patient when I am not; they way you have such a passion for life and for others; and most importantly, I love the way you put God first in your life and how He is the corner-stone of our relationship. I can't wait to continue growing together in love for our Savior, and even more in love with one another. I love you baby, you make me the happiest girl in the world :) 
New Years Kiss 2011 :)

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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