give jesus your best. give jesus something to bless.

I was so incredibly blessed this weekend. I was able to spend time with Josh and be reminded how much I love him and how greatly God has blessed our relationship, I had a lot of time to socialize and hang out with friends and just have some plain old fun! BUT...when Sunday evening rolled around, and my reality of being a college student with responsibilities, homework, and goals kicked in, my weekend brought some disappointments and I wondered to myself, Am I giving Jesus my best? Am I giving him something to bless? 

I started to get really down on myself, "How could I be so unfaithful to my work?" I felt so overwhelmed; I couldn't for the life of me memorize the bible passages for my memory work test, I wasn't able to practice piano, my laundry was overflowing and I have literally no clean clothes to wear, I have to go play an intramural basketball game, and for a psychology test?! When will I be able to do that? I felt a mental break down coming on! 

I finally sat still and calmed myself down and went to the one person who could help me, my Lord and Savior of course. I read the line to myself, "Give Jesus your best. Give Jesus something to bless." I realized that I could not change the late start I had gotten on my endless to do list, but I did realize that it was never to late to give Jesus my best. 

I pray, I read a devotional, and I decide that it's better late then never to start giving Jesus my best. Bring it on memory work! It's truly amazing what God can do for you when you cast all your anxiety on him; he truly does care for you! Trust me, I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with everything that seems to be thrown at you at once {I'm a crazy busy college student} but how amazing and comforting is having a conversation with Jesus and deciding to be faithful in our talents and giving him something to bless! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord!