Busy, Busy {the life of a college student}

So, originally I was going to do a lovely written post on a series that I'm going to do every Thursday {Thankful Thursday} Unfortunately, I am a terribly busy college student being slammed with tons of work {it's the week before spring break...so I have a lot of mid-term work!} The only thing exciting in my life at the moment is that I get to leave campus tomorrow!! And even more exciting, I am going to be in a classroom starting this coming Monday, participating in a week of what we call EFE {early field experience} I am so excited to not be a student, but a teacher for a little bit :)

Today, I'm going to share my list of "It's OK's" with you all::

It's OK...that I did not have time to do the post I wanted to for today. Because now I get to link up with Amber at "Brunch With Amber" :)

It's OK...that I've already broken my goal of eating no sweets. I just couldn't give up my favorite: Red Velvet Cookies with white chocolate chips! Yumm :)

It's OK...that my nails have been plain and bare for the past week, even though I put "paint nails"on my "to do list" every single day.

It's OK...that some people do not understand why I blog, or maybe even judge it. I try not to let that bother me. I love blogging! It's such a great outlet, and I love being inspired by other bloggers :)

It's OK...that my legs are seriously sore after my workouts this week. That means good things are happening!

It's OK...that I have ADD when I write papers. I take a 5 minute break about every 15 minutes.

It's OK...that I still have my mom read my college papers and check them for grammar errors

It's OK...that I actually enjoy watching the wiggles when I'm at work {I work with a young boy with down syndrome. It's his favorite show...}

Happy "It's OK Thursday" everyone :)

Its Ok Thursdays