Friday Fancies {The Oscars}

Oh, the Oscars...the stars are dressed so classy and walk the red carpet with poise. I love the elegance of the Oscars, and how women can wear fabulous ball gowns that have the ability to take your breath away with their beauty!
I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving to share with you some dresses that I would love to be seen in if I had the opportunity to walk the carpet :)

1. Blue is my favorite color, and I LOVE to wear it; so I'm definitely loving this dress!
2. It's a RED CARPET, might as well match it, right?! Okay, well that's not why I would choose this dress...I think there is just something about a woman in a red dress that is show stopping and just drop dead gorgeous!
3. Who wouldn't want to sparkle as they walk down the carpet?!

I made it to the end of my hectic week! Even though it was busy; my gracious God has given me numerous blessings throughout this week, and I must remember to thank him! He is the one who gave me the intellect to write my research paper; the coordination and patience to practice piano, the focus and retention to study for my tests, and the physical ability to run and be able to exercise everyday! Make sure to thank God for the many blessings he has given you this week! 

I found this video via Erin at "Captivated By Grace" the other week. It is such a great reminder as to why we should continually thank God for EVERYTHING. Even the little things!

Thankful from worshiphousemedia on GodTube.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and enjoys "oooing and ahhhing, or maybe a "what was she thinking?" over the actual Oscar gowns on Sunday! :) I'll be heading off to Illinois this weekend to kick off my Spring Break! Happy Friday :)