Blog for MYSELF

So I was on twitter and came across this great blog {seven-day-push} that I found through a fellow twitter follower: {Ashley!} She also has two awesome {web} {sites} as well, so you should check her out! :) 

Basically, the "seven day push" is to make your blog something that is truly YOU. This may be a theme that you just go with for today, or you can transform your blog around this theme for a week, month, or year if ya like! Blog about whatever your heart desires, because this post is all about something that you are passionate about, not necessarily what others want to read :)

I copied the official "mission" from the seven day push website:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, this week is to ensure that you feel like that each and every day this week with your blog.

Often times we lose sight of why we started a blog. Or who it's really for. Or when it really matters. It's so easy to forget how we started and then suddenly lose the passion behind our blog, or even our work. It takes time and dedication to ensuring that your blog is a work of art, but even more time and dedication to ensure that it's your work of art.

So our goal this week is to change that. Ignore the rules for our blog that we think we should follow and put ones in place that we feel are the right ones to follow. Maybe you only want to blog once this week. Or maybe it's fifteen times. Maybe you don't want to edit your thoughts, or maybe you just want to post pictures. Maybe you want to open up about something or end something you no longer feel passionate about. Whatever it is, this is the week to transform your blog into something you'll continue to love for weeks, months, and years on end.
How are YOU going to blog for yourself this week?

Have a quote, post or image that relevant to this week's challenge? Get in contact with us today - we'd love to hear from you! Join in on the conversation on Twitter by using hashtag #7DayPush!

My mission, that I am choosing to accept, is to blog this whole week about health and fitness. I have always been an active person; a three sport athlete in high school, still playing volleyball in college, and a love for health and fitness. It really is fun for me to work out and try new exercises! I have a great passion about exercise and my health...but I can tend to get off track. My eternal problem: FOOD. I love food {which isn't necessarily a bad thing} but it is when you have a love for sweets and bread! Like many young girls, my freshman year of college didn't work in my favor on the scale {no 15 lbs are anything!} but I wasn't as happy with my health as I wanted to be. 

This summer, I was able to drop about 13 lbs!!! I worked extremely hard, was committed, and turned my motivation into a habit that gave me great results. I had never been so confident in myself! Very unfortunately, I have slipped back into old habits, have not been taking care of my body the way I should, and have lost that confidence I once had in myself. But today is the start of a new chapter and making a healthy diet and exercise a habit and lifestyle!!

My "blog for yourself" image:

So often I find myself comparing how I look to others, wishing I "looked like her," looking at a model in a magazine while running on the treadmill, and obsessing over if other people viewed me the way I negatively viewed myself. Well those days are in the past! I can't say that I won't compare or wish I looked like someone else, I am human and a sinner; but I can make a conscious effort to eat healthy, exercise often, and make myself into the person that makes ME HAPPY :)

Tomorrow's blog:
-My fitness goals
-Plan of action
-Some great tips and tricks

Have a wonderful Monday!