Friday Fancies {PINK}

This is my first ever "Friday Fancy" and I am loving this Valentine's inspired theme :)
I am channeling my inner 7th grader today, because back then, I was completely obsessed with the color PINK. It was definitely the main hue in my wardrobe! Now, it doesn't show up all too often, so it's fun to be reunited again!
Plus, I am celebrating Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, Josh, who lives 7 hours away. We won't see each other on Valentines Day or next weekend, so we're celebrating on Saturday :)
I am completely in LOVE with all of these blazer outfits, and can I just say I'm dying to have those bridesmaids dresses {in the second collage} for my future wedding? So gorgeous!
I hope you enjoy my "fancies" and the lovely weekend ahead :)