Spread The Love

I'm linking up quickly this morning with {Mackey Madness!} I saw this on her sight a little late, so therefore I am beyond fashionably late, oopsies! But hey, I REALLY wanted to do this and link it up before it was closed! I love this idea of showing kindness spontaneously to others, what a great thing :) I hope you can be inspired to share a little love and kindness as well :)

So it's almost Valentine's day, and I was baking a giant heart shaped cookie for Josh {The adventures in that, coming in a later post} 

Well, I had some extra cookie dough and I definitely did not want to eat it {my waistline had grew 2 inches already from all the nibbling}, so I decided to bake the rest of the dough into smaller cookies and decorate them.

Then obviously, I remembered the link up I wanted to join, and what a perfect opportunity to show some kindness! I live in a dorm, and open dorm hours for guys to visit closes at 10 pm during the week. So I went up and put the fresh baked decorated cookies by the sign up sheet! On the post-it I wrote "Happy Valentines Day! <3 A Random Act of Kindness"

I really hope that through my cookies, 1. Someone thought they were good! and 2. They were inspired to do the same for others :)

I'm not a cookie chef! So don't judge my decorating ;)